Never born perfect, dancers are countless times after the transformation of the fall

Sat Mar 26 10:00:02 CST 2022

(Svetlana Zakharova)Zakharova is regarded as one of the greatest ballet dancers of the century, the bolshoi prima ballerina.Born in Ukraine in 1979, she studied ballet at Kiev Ballet School. In 1995, she went to St. Petersburg Vakonova Ballet School to study. In 1996, she joined Kirov (Malinski) Theatre.

Meanwhile, check out Svetlana Zakharova taking photos of Vladimir Fridkes. Ladimir Fridkes, a Russian fashion and business photographer, has been pictured above for The likes of Vogue and Bazaar. Diana Vishneva that a famous fashion shoot from his hand, as early as that Moscow theatre is going to repair the torches, he realized that, there will be a lot of things worth keeping, the up and down the curtain of hundreds of thousands of times, those ancient corridor, chair of the atmosphere, even the old Soviet union, may disappear as the overhaul, he said he did not know how to shoot dancer, but trust your intuition.