What is a tutu ballet dress?

Sat Mar 26 09:58:42 CST 2022

Today the school will give you a brief introduction to the tutu skirt of ballet.

Different Tutu dresses will have different feelings. Romantic Tutu dresses are light and fluffy, and the length of the hanging bell gauze skirt is in the middle of the calf. The movements need to be elegant, meticulous and smooth, so that the dancer will appear more light and highlight delicate toes movements.

And the tutu skirt, the classic version of the ballet, is the ubiquitous tutu skirt on the stage. It first appeared in Russia. The popularity of the TUTU was driven by the growing sophistication of dance in Russia at the time, with dancers naturally turning to skirts that allowed their legs to move freely in order to complete the difficult choreography.

When you put on a tutu dress, grace comes from the heart, natural, your dance becomes elegant...